Thank you King’s :)


I’m Maddie, I’m 14 and I’m part of the Kings Youth group, TKY.

I have learnt over the many years that I have gone to King’s, that church camp creates memories one is never able to forget. And this year was no exception!
In many ways, the South Island Weekend Away is a tiring event, brimming with plenty of up-hill walks from the campsite to the main area and endless chatter at un-friendly times in the morning, but also it is a camp filled with joy, Gods love, and many embarrassing moments squished im-between!

Sleeping is never an easy task at camp, as the beds aren’t particularly comfy, and alarming sized moths become your worst nightmare! Walking through the shortcut after someone has warned you about the possibility of possums, is a rather daunting experience that I will never forget!

But late night swims, washing up duties, and having a little boogie in the cabins, are delights that will stay with me (Some mentally scarring me!) forever.

I thank Him for this incredible time I spent with family and friends surrounding me,
but also thankyou to King’s church for making memories with me! It was much enjoyed!

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