Bringing Jesus to the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo


Two weeks ago the Body Mind Spirit Expo took place in Christchurch at the Riccarton Racecourse. This was a weekend filled with a cornucopia of Mediums giving Tarot readings, Shamans offering healing, people offering “spiritual guidance”, spiritual cleansing and no end of other “spiritual” enticements for the seeker.

Through a friend, I met up with a man who has had a stall there for the last six years, twice a year. He is a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Christian and a member of The Sydenham Salvation Army. His stall is called Christian Divine Healing. After meeting up with him two weeks before the event, he invited me to join him in praying for people at the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

On the Saturday I was feeling apprehensive about walking into this hotspot of spiritual experiences that the Bible so clearly warns against. But I reminded myself that The Holy Spirit is more powerful than all this pseudo spirituality. And not just more powerful, but MUCH more powerful. I believed that God protected me from any evil spirits…was I going to prove my faith to be real?

As I walked up to doors of the Racecourse building I felt an excitement rising. Immediately, as I walked through the doors I felt The Holy Spirit really powerfully. I felt an unexpected joy and fully protected. I felt an actual physical presence of The Holy Spirit inside me. I looked around the stalls and felt completely safe and assured by the Lord.

I finally found the Divine Christian Healing stall. There was Paul and two young men from Grace Vineyard there. They were really pleased to have a woman praying with them as most the people wanting prayer were women.

It was a small stall with four chairs. Very simple. Paul would stand just outside and gently ask people if they had any needs for healing. Often people would say yes. We would invite them to sit down and we would ask them about their problem. At the same time we would be asking God to show us any underlying issues and deeper needs. We would ask for discernment and words for the people.

Before praying for them we would say that we were Christians and that we believed in the Bible. Some people said after the prayer that they felt peace. Some said that they felt “really good”. Several people said that the pain had gone down significantly. Other people asked for prayer for other kinds of situations. One lady asked for prayer because she felt there were oppressive spirits in the house where she was living.

Sometimes we had words and pictures for people.  A few times, people asked to know more about us and this God of ours. Over the weekend this resulted in three people giving their lives to Jesus. We had so much joy in this situation, where people were coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus. One of the new Christians was going to go to Grace Vineyard with a team member.

I came away from the weekend buzzing! God is so faithful! I also knew that I would never again fear walking into dark situations to share the love of Jesus. At this Expo, people were honestly searching. As Christians we need to be in places where lost people are (which is just about everywhere) to share a REAL hope and a REAL love with them.

Karen Oudshoorn


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