Encountering Jesus

The Gospel of John is probably the most intimate account of Jesus’ life that we have, not least because it was written by the disciple who was so close to him.  It contains lots of stories of people meimpacted by him.  Not surprisingly our current teaching series Encountering Jesus has been deeply moving for us
eting Jesus and their lives encountering Jesusall as we consider our Encounters with Christ.  And we do encounter him – in many ways.

It has been my habit for a long time to read from one place in the Gospels and Acts in my regular prayer and Bible reading times along with any other places in the Bible I am currently reading.  It’s a way to keep Jesus front and central.  More recently as I have come to pray I take time out to meditate on something from the life of Jesus before I knuckle down to prayer for myself and others.  Again, it’s a way to remind myself of Him whom I want to be in my thinking and life experience.

So, how else do we encounter Jesus? What do you do that means you are more aware of the presence of Christ?  He promised to be with us and never leave us Matthew 28:20. He has some incredible things to say about being with us through the Holy Spirit, connecting us to the Father, in John 15-17.

At the end of the day (literally – before you go to sleep) have a think, When was I aware of the presence of Jesus with me today?  How can I ensure that happens, perhaps a little bit more, tomorrow?

To catch up on any you have missed try here… 

Enjoy the rest of the series


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