Thoughts from Mobilise 2016

Flying over city lights stretched out far and wide
Dividing streets into grids and nucleated patterns
Returning after a weekend of refreshing
revitalization and burden removing

A weekend of tenderness of talking and laughter spent
Relationships restored answered prayers
Fears bought into the fathers light
Then bound in the truth of his words
Flipped to show that his love endures
No longer afraid of tsunami waves
No longer afraid of friendships gone
and no longer bound by the fear of
Friends who may never awake

Looking out knowing that God is a good good father
His perfect ways are perfectly placed
like the laid out streets my feet will soon embrace
Knowing they are home even if Goodbyes
Were a bittersweet
‘I’ll see you sometime soon’

I will leave this plane with shoulders
stretched far behind
burdens long gone cast aside
So the fathers love, joy and laughter
Inhabit my life twinkling from my eyes
Glorifying the father who holds our lives

I know not to be afraid of the very thing
That God intends to bring fourth across my community
Tsunami waves of love
Raging tides of new life
To all who ask questions
Seeking answers to the hollowness we all feel inside
God will provide, they are not my responsibility
All I can do is love them and be kind.

By Beth Walters

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