February at Kingi Whanau

The kids and back in school and all the adults breath a sigh…

Now we can all think about the year ahead. And what a year it is going to be! In the King’s office we have been planning this year for months already and we have some exciting events coming up.

Last Sunday…

Last weekend was Waitangi weekend.  A great chance to celebrate our bicultural country.  We are so blessed to have this rich cultural background.   We were joined by Peter Hira to celebrate our awesome God and this amazing land we live in.  After the service we had a pot luck lunch together.  It was such a great time with amazing food and fellowship.  Thank you to everyone to contributed the great lunch and to everyone to stayed to share it with us!


This week…

This Sunday we have World Vision will be joining us to talk about their work and ways in which we can help.  We will start with our time of worship and then hand over to World Vision for our Hope Sunday. The older kids and youth will stay in the service with us and the younger ones and creche age will go out to their classes.

Hope Sunday

Next Sunday…

Vision Sunday is next on our calendar.  Ken will be sharing with us the elders vision for this year and encouraging us in our walk with God.  We will follow this with another chance to eat together.  Bring something to share and we will enjoy the extra time together as family.

Vision Sunday

Sunday 28th…

Serving Sunday! We have so much going on in our church and so many areas where you can get involved.  Matt Walters will be sharing with us about the importance of working together as a body.  We are all in this together! We all have gifts we can use to help in one way or another.  And we can all pray! What a great opportunity to see all the activities that we as a church are involved in.

serving sunday


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