Our Glorious God


When we were in England and staying at my parents we had a scare one morning when Kiki went really red in the face and started choking. I was holding her upside down while hitting her back and we had a few frantic scary minutes but she then seemed ok.

There didn’t appear to be anything in her mouth and she stopped choking and went back to her normal colour. We wondered what was wrong as she now seemed fine. We were due out and she seemed ok so we put her in the car.

While I was driving on the dual carriage way (there was nowhere to pull over) Heidi said she heard a voice tell her to check Kiki’s mouth. So she did. In Kiki’s mouth was a blue top from a water bottle! This certainly would have gone back down again and We are absolutely certain it was God telling Heidi and keeping our precious little baby safe.

God is so good. He loves and protects us and speaks to us whatever age we are 😀

By Nicola C

Our God is a glorious God! He keeps even the smallest of us in his hands.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made by him. Give Glory to God today!

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