A sweet swinging Christmas

Happy New year to you all.  Wow how quickly the last few weeks have gone…

Back on the 20th December we had our fantastic Christmas extravaganza!

Crafts, food, jazz, face painting, balloons and fabulous play written by TKY and much more.

The angel bags were all packed and delivered! But I can’t find the photos to add!

The Operation Christmas Child boxes were all collected and sent to their destinations.  A few of our boxes were sent with the tracking barcode so we know that they were delivered to Fiji on the 5th December so were distributed at Christmas.  What an amazing way to bless a child.

Our own church kids spent the time before Christmas learning about giving.  Real biblical giving.  I asked a few what they had learnt…

– When we give we must be happy.  God likes happy givers.

– If you give to the poor, it’s like giving to Jesus because he likes us to give to others and look after other people.

– If you give something to someone, don’t be sad about it.  Be happy because seeing other people happy should make you happy too.

– You should treat others how you want to be treated.  So if you see someone who needs help, go and help them.

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